Welcome to Fredericton’s Disc Golf page

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This is the site for Fredericton Disc Golf and information on our newest course, the Odell Park Disc Golf Course.

The Odell Disc Golf Course is located at the bottom half of Fredericton’s Odell Park. The 1st tee is located in the Northwest corner of the main parking lot off Waggoners Lane.

Welcome sign beside the main entrance.

Welcome sign beside the main entrance.

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi there, this is Brian from The Radical Edge on Queen. I just wanted to throw out to everyone in the DG community that we are committed to bringing in the discs that people are looking for. I am new to the sport, and loving it, but am not shy to ask for some guidance and feedback as our selection grows. You can contact me at the shop 506 459 3478 x 2 or by e-mail at adventure@radicaledge.ca. Please do not hesitate! Good luck to everyone in the tournament this weekend!

  2. Hi Carlene, you can purchase discs at the Radical Edge. I would recommend starting with a mid range, the staff can help you find a good disc. We are planning a learn to DG day soon. Stay up to date like our Facebook page “Fredericton Disc Golf”

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